Hey everybody…

Welcome to my blog… This is a place where you’ll get to keep track of me and support the movement for ” The Anticipation of R&B” , as well the rest of my career. I appreciate all of you and look forward to continuing this journey together. Please take the time to leave me a comment. All the best to you… Shine in 09′!

Rhona Bennett

Miss R&B


10 Responses to “Hey everybody…”

  1. Pure talent, grace and beauty! You go girl. Here’s to tremendous success! Who loves ya!!

    • lightcandy Says:


      • hey rhona, this is cool. there has been many times over the years that i have thought abt u,what u were up to and whats going on with your career. now i can just come here and see for myself. i remember back to the days when kids wld ask u to sing and u wld blow!!!! you are very talented and i wish u much success!!!!

  2. Greg Scelsa Says:

    Hey Rhona… Love the track I heard and want to hear more. You have a big fan waiting to make a purchase. God bless!

    Greg Scelsa

  3. you have an amazing and beautiful talent rhona! thank you for sharing!

  4. KingofdaHill Says:

    Rhona…. have missed seeing/hearing you and LOVE the new tracks. Can’t wait for the anticipation to BUMP in my car. Much , much LOVE…


  5. Theresa Belyeu Says:

    Hey Rhona,
    I love your photos you look so great!!! You know its funny I am always telling someone thats my cousin. I love watching Jamie Fox -Jingles reruns …lol…I cant wait to pick up ur new cd!
    I have the soulflower cd and i have been wondering what was going on but it is awesome to see that ur back!! Cant wait to buy it!!! May God continue to bless you in your life professionally and personally!

    Love you Cuz

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