Blogging live…

Official blog of Rhona Bennett


7 Responses to “Blogging live…”

  1. LOVE the new blog site!

  2. Autrey Stevens Says:

    Whts up Rho??..I just wanted to tell you congratulations on your CD coming out and that I think you have an amazing voice.No matter what happens, don’t ever stop singing because you’ve been blessed with a real gift…(real talk). I don’t care what anyone says…I know I’m you’re biggest fan!And I know your cd is gonna be good…and I just can’t wait to get one:)-Autrey

  3. Autrey Stevens Says:

    Hey Rho..(again)..but are you doin this live blogging thing again 2morrow??..cuz I have some questions I wanted to ask you.-Autrey

  4. Your career has been just a hint of what you are about to unleash! I am so excited for you! Gorgeous soul, your voice is a hidden treasure that is about to be widely discovered!

    Continue to be the positive inspiring divine being you were made to be!

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