The reveal…

Hey everybody,

I have to push my session to another day. I thought I’d reveal my mystery guest and invite you to come back to the live blogging of the next session. Until next time… take care and eagle eye on the prize

Me and B hangin’ out at a party…

Rho and Brandy

My special guest… Brandy

Brandy performing


9 Responses to “The reveal…”

  1. Can’t wait to hear this collaboration!!!

  2. great! i’m so excited about the album, can’t wait until it’s released. i let my mom hear your songs on your myspace page and my mom wants to buy your album when it drops too. 🙂 stay blessed and happy chick.

  3. I can’t wait!!! U & Brandy’s collab will be fire!!! Miss u!

  4. Sounds good. I look forward to hearing what you have for us, Rho.


    OMG RHONA! You have no idea what your doing to me right now!!!!!! YOU AND BRANDY on the same track, you do realize Brandy is one of my all time favorite vocalists…right? And you already know the love I have for you and your majestic voice. WOO WOO WOOOO!!!! (in my best Martin impression). LOL

    • lightcandy Says:

      hahaha… Thank you Anastacio… Thank you for your support over the years. I hope you enjoy the record…


  6. funkingr8 Says:

    Hey Ms B,

    Love Letting You Go and looking forward to getting my hands on your album, keep it up!

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