Thanks for dropping in and giving your feedback on the songs. We are currently mixing the album and finding the right home. Thank you for your support and leave your suggestions in the comment box 😉 I would love to have you be apart of the team and help take this project to the next level. I am grateful and holla at your girl! Much luv…

(Miss R&B)


6 Responses to “Hey!”

  1. James Astles Says:

    Can’t WAIT – and the divine Brandy is just the icing on the cake! Her last album was soo underrated: 1st & love – why on earth didn’t that get released?? Miss Rho, in the meantime any chance of an upload of Meaning Of Love for anyone unfortunate enough not to have heard it’s utter utter joyousness?… Keep mixin’! xx


    You know you’ve got me already… anything I could do just say the word! I’d love to be a part of the team, I’m going into musical theater, but also hope to have a behind the scenes career in the the industry. Do keep me in mind when searching for background vocalists (if your still looking). I’d be happy to send you some files of me.
    I’m the same Anastacio from Myspace (your top 10). 🙂
    Much love and success!!


  3. Wassup Rhona,

    I am totally available to help you in anyway possible. I currently run a relatively new blog called muzikfix.blogspot.com, so I could help in the promo area. In addition, I’d be willing to help with anything pertaining to your project, booking, setting up for gigs, background (i sing….check me out on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83mbXrbimWo)…..I love your work and I do remember Satisfied from back in 2001. Been following you since you were on the Mickey Mouse Club! God Bless!

    • lightcandy Says:

      Shoot! I wasn’t able to see the link. I’m thinking it has to do with needing to be converted for a US viewing format. Thanks for dropping in and giving your support. Send me your email address and let’s chop it up!

      (Miss R&B)

    • lightcandy Says:

      Oh.. I see your contact by your name… Thanks again


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