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6 Responses to “Follow me on twitter!”

  1. I would like to ask what it the name of the song or and artist who wrote the song you and Jamie Foxx sung on his show. (if I’m not at home leave a msg for me i’m tryin to be with you so we can hook up tonight).


    • lightcandy Says:

      Actually Jamie and I kinda made it up. He of course played the piano, but I believe we just felt it out and put lyrics in;)


  2. Hi Rhock & Rho! Just stopped by to give you some love and encouragement, and to let you know that I miss you in En Vogue. I can’t wait for the new music.

    Char of the EVST

    • lightcandy Says:

      Hey Char,

      Thanks for all of the love and support you’ve sent my way over the years. I appreciate you. I look forward to gettin’ that new music to you soon! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods lady. Take care

      Rhockin’ Rho 😉

  3. Hey buttercups….I absolutely luv’d the duet, super proud of you!
    And so proud to be your friend.
    Continue enriching the world….lots of luv xoxo rae-

    p.s. hiking or yoga soon???

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