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Whitney Houston album Aug. 31st!!!

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One of my biggest inspirations to sing is releasing her much anticipated album. I am grateful that she has the inner strength and confidence to share herself with us once more. Thank you Whitney!

Whitney 2009


A tribute to some Dynamite Diva’s…

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Shirley Bassey… What an inspiration… Powerful, captivating and just plain talented

sarah vaughan pastSARAH VAUGHAN later

Sarah Vaughan… Absolutely enchanting with her vocal prowess… one of the greats

gladys-knight younggladys knight now

Gladys Knight… talk about conveying emotion… she is one of my favorite soul stirring diva’s


Whitney Houston… beautiful, graceful and mesmerizing voice

aretha-franklin youngaretha-franklin-now

Aretha Franklin… passionate and legendary soul singer

celine-dion 1Celine-Dion-2

Celine Dion… canary’s in her throat ( I swear!), awesome delivery and commanding presence

Jennifer Hudson 1Jennifer-Hudson-2

Jennifer Hudson… gutsy, gorgeous and explosive vocals

Mariah 2Mariah 1

Mariah Carey…awesome recording artist, queen of airy whistle tones, and a unique sound all her own

Beyonce-Knowles-nowBeyonce Sasha Fierce

Beyonce… hot, hot, hot!…one of the hardest working women in show business


Alicia Keys… spunky, great musician, beautiful spirit

chaka youngchaka_khan_now

Chaka Khan… sounds like a saxophone,incredible range and classic diva swag

patti labelle youngPatti_Labelle_now

Patti Labelle… pioneer of power house vocals, attitude and plenty vocal ridiculousness


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I’m very excited to share this record with everyone. Thank you for your support! If you’d like to get on this grass roots train for spreading the word about the project, I welcome your suggestions.

(Miss R&B)

A review for some and a reveal for others… Enjoy!

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~Surrender your life to the best in you…

~We’re not here to pretty up our personality; to put make-up on ugliness. We’re here to uncover our soul which is inherent in beauty.

~Little things become big when anchored in the eternal. A smile, a pat on the back, etc., … become healers

~So if NOW is always happening, what are we waiting for?

(Miss R&B)

Words of Encouragement to YOU!

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Don’t give up… one day at a time… one foot in front of the other… you’ll get there. Try being like water, non-resistant. It doesn’t push the rock. It finds ways to flow around, over and under the nooks and crannies until it succeeds. Eventually, the rock wears down (nature teaches us). Keep doing until you demonstrate. Who knows how long that will take? I’m learning that the journey is most important, more and more everyday. Do you feel like a success already? That’s what counts… Do your part. Ask for help. I stay prayed up as much as possible, so that I can watch things conspire on behalf of my Good. I love you guys and thanks for being a wonderful contribution to my journey.

All the best to you,
(Miss R&B)

In the studio last night with 40Glocc (G-Unit)!

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I am featuring 40 Glocc on my song “B-Side”… He brought the fire last night and I’m so happy with the end result. It’s a club banger taking us on a musical journey. Check back for footage from the session! He’s a great talent with great work ethic. A gigantic THANK YOU to 40Glocc for being such a lyrical wordsmith on the project… Great things to come 😉

(Miss R&B)