Words of Encouragement to YOU!

Don’t give up… one day at a time… one foot in front of the other… you’ll get there. Try being like water, non-resistant. It doesn’t push the rock. It finds ways to flow around, over and under the nooks and crannies until it succeeds. Eventually, the rock wears down (nature teaches us). Keep doing until you demonstrate. Who knows how long that will take? I’m learning that the journey is most important, more and more everyday. Do you feel like a success already? That’s what counts… Do your part. Ask for help. I stay prayed up as much as possible, so that I can watch things conspire on behalf of my Good. I love you guys and thanks for being a wonderful contribution to my journey.

All the best to you,
(Miss R&B)


3 Responses to “Words of Encouragement to YOU!”

  1. Thanks Rho!! We can all use a little encouragement every now and then. Keep it movin’, baby!!

  2. Now those are truly INSPIRATIONAL words. I’m referring all my associates to this site… so they can hear a WINNERS insights.

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