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The passing of Derrion Albert

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This was my response to a blog that I encountered on the web today. It was prompted by the countless negative/emotional posts that I read…

September 29th, 2009
2:41 pm

To everyone,

I am a black woman. I am a human being. I am, like you, made in the likeness of that which created ALL things. Whether you choose to believe it or not, we are all connected. We’ve all come from the same “stuff”. Do you think that because you have the vocabulary to express yourself in a more savvy or “intellectual” way, that it separates you from that reality?

Allow these tragedy’s to wake you up to MORE consciousness. Meaning, let it help YOU gain more compassion for the fellow man. Let it inspire YOU to become more aware of your actions, thoughts and views, so as to effectively change these neighborhoods, schools, households, and globe into a more accommodating place for ALL, one person at a time (you).

Just because you’ve gathered more book knowledge to express yourself, and developed more of a mask to cover your primal thinking of separation, doesn’t make you better. It makes YOU also a part of the problem. These thoughts of separation and judgment and aloofness breeds more hate, ignorance and unconsciousness.

Until WE start to do our parts personally, how do you anticipate that we’ll truly effect change? How can you blame the next person, parent, school or whatever, and you’re not your best YOU. Right where we are, with our abundance of book smarts or lack there of, why not choose to LOVE? Why not choose to UNDERSTAND? Why not choose to FORGIVE? Everybody wants to be happy; even if they have no clue how to get there. It’s easier to hate, be angry, be “upset”, be falsely superior, right?

For all we know, these kids could be feeling TOTAL remorse for their actions right now. They could be wishing for another chance to do it over. A lot of times, people do things unconsciously. They could be caught in the moment of a mob mentality, they could be lost and inappropriately releasing their anger and depression, they’re also coming from a dysfunctional world.

Trust, I’m all for taking responsibility for your actions. If you don’t, there can be no growth, no change, no self empowerment. But, this is deeper than surface issues. These things go to the SOUL. There is a disconnect that has happened on a mass scale in humans. If you’d get to the core (soul) of it, these things would change.

Check your own heart, check your own soul, check your own “flaws”… access more attributes worth contributing to a better US, instead of the vicious accusations, judgmental attitudes and primitive, yes primitive, points of view.


It’s ME:) Thanks for visiting!

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Hey there! Welcome and thanks for visiting:) I’ve included tributes to divas, duets, b sides and more! I also have  featured music from my forthcoming album “The Anticipation Of R&B”.  Take a tour around the site and leave your comments. Sit back, relax, grab a snack and enjoy…

d'andre photo shoot

Teddy Pendergrass 1teddy-pendergrass 2

Teddy Pendergrass… electric, sexy and passionate


Luther Vandross… wonderful vocal control, smoothness extraordinaire, charismatic performer

Nat king cole 2nat_king_cole 1

Nat King Cole… pioneer of sultry vocals, magnetic persona and supreme vocal delivery

Jeffrey Osborne 1Jeffrey Osborne 2

Jeffrey Osborne… soulful delivery, great stage presence and wonderful full tone

lenny williams 2LennyWilliams 1

Lenny Williams… One the best R&B love songs ever sang, dripping passion and killer falsetto

Lionel-Richie 3Lionel-Richie_2

Lionel Richie… incredible songwriter, unique vocal interpretation, classic R&B icon

donny-hathaway-live 1donnyhathaway 2

Donny Hathaway…gorgeous vocal tone, so much power and presence in his songs, R&B legend

lou rawls 1lou-rawls-2

Lou Rawls… one of the sexiest deep tones around, classy and oozing soul

Kenny Babyface Edmonds 2Kenny Babyface Edmonds 1

Babyface… prolific songwriter, modern day crooner with a tender vocal approach

michael-buble-1michael-buble 2

Michael Buble… reminiscent of Frank Sinatra, ultra smooth vocals with a delicate interpretation

barry_white 2Barry White - 1

Barry White… one of the most sultry baritones in R&B, big sexy and soul to the core


Michael Jackson… Mike was everything! Dynamite performer, King of Pop and the ultimate crooner…

harry_connick 2HarryConnickJr 2

Harry Connick Jr. … One of my favorite modern day jazz crooners, great feel for music, signature sound

maxwell_01maxwell 2

Maxwell… umph ( need I say more?) ha ha, major sex appeal, silky vocals with a melting speaking voice

johnny-gill 173225312SS051_Premiere_Of_L

Johnny Gill… power house vocals, works the ladies and puts on a growling vocal clinic

freddiejackson 2freddie_jackson 1

Freddy Jackson…great song, great artist, ballad crooner extraordinaire

marvin gaye 2Marvin-Gaye-3

Marvin Gaye… one of the most elegant yet gutsy voices of our time, splendid talent with sex appeal to match

musiq_soulchild-1Musiq Soulchild - 2

Musiq Soulchild… amazing falsetto, sexy, unique vocals… beautiful interpretation of music

Usher 1Usher 2

Usher… super talented, fabulous vocal range and entertainer delight

dangelo 1d_angelo 2

D’angelo… simply divine vocal arrangements, a sound all his own, talented musician ( did I mention sexy as ___?)


Joe… one of the smoothest , sexiest and beautiful R&B voices around


John Mayor…butter vocals, unique sound, fantastic songwriter and musician

raphael-saadiq-1raphael_saadiq 2

Raphael Saadiq… his talent continues to grow… lovin’ the funk, innovation and nostalgia


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I’m launching a new blog for Miss R&B! In addition…

I will be showcasing snippets of the 15 tracks on my forthcoming album! The party date will be announced next week;) Drop in with family and friends to hear “The Anticipation Of R&B”. For those of you who didn’t attend the “Industry” listening event, I’m making the album available for your ears too…

~To all of my fans, thank you!!! She’s coming…

Anticipation grafitti

art work by “Sphere”

Rho ( Miss R&B )


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The listening event was a success!!!

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The vibe was fly, the energy was electric and people genuinely dug the project! I got a lot of great feedback and support. Thank you to everyone who came…

My next stage performance is at Stevies for “First Fridays” on Oct 2,2009. I’m being groomed to co-host with 3 other amazing vocalists. I’ll be singing classic and current cover songs along with my own material from “The Anticipation Of R&B”. It’s a “grown and sexy” evening, so treat yourself to something nice;) If you’d like to come, you can announce your rsvp to this post by leaving your full name and listing how many people are coming with you. The regular price is $15, but my list price is $10.

bayentertainment flyer

Industry album listening party on Sept. 15th at Blue Velvet!!!

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Well, well, well… it’s finally finished. We have a final rough mix/master of the record and we’re ready to find the right machine to put behind it. I am really grateful for the hard work, dedication and generosity of everyone involved in getting this project on its feet. “One foot in front of the other really does get you somewhere”. It has taken faith, perseverance and determination to get this record done. I’m very proud of the effort, and I look forward to sharing it with everyone who attends. The Anticipation continues…. Thank you!!!

(Miss R&B)

amber and rhona alt 2