The passing of Derrion Albert

This was my response to a blog that I encountered on the web today. It was prompted by the countless negative/emotional posts that I read…

September 29th, 2009
2:41 pm

To everyone,

I am a black woman. I am a human being. I am, like you, made in the likeness of that which created ALL things. Whether you choose to believe it or not, we are all connected. We’ve all come from the same “stuff”. Do you think that because you have the vocabulary to express yourself in a more savvy or “intellectual” way, that it separates you from that reality?

Allow these tragedy’s to wake you up to MORE consciousness. Meaning, let it help YOU gain more compassion for the fellow man. Let it inspire YOU to become more aware of your actions, thoughts and views, so as to effectively change these neighborhoods, schools, households, and globe into a more accommodating place for ALL, one person at a time (you).

Just because you’ve gathered more book knowledge to express yourself, and developed more of a mask to cover your primal thinking of separation, doesn’t make you better. It makes YOU also a part of the problem. These thoughts of separation and judgment and aloofness breeds more hate, ignorance and unconsciousness.

Until WE start to do our parts personally, how do you anticipate that we’ll truly effect change? How can you blame the next person, parent, school or whatever, and you’re not your best YOU. Right where we are, with our abundance of book smarts or lack there of, why not choose to LOVE? Why not choose to UNDERSTAND? Why not choose to FORGIVE? Everybody wants to be happy; even if they have no clue how to get there. It’s easier to hate, be angry, be “upset”, be falsely superior, right?

For all we know, these kids could be feeling TOTAL remorse for their actions right now. They could be wishing for another chance to do it over. A lot of times, people do things unconsciously. They could be caught in the moment of a mob mentality, they could be lost and inappropriately releasing their anger and depression, they’re also coming from a dysfunctional world.

Trust, I’m all for taking responsibility for your actions. If you don’t, there can be no growth, no change, no self empowerment. But, this is deeper than surface issues. These things go to the SOUL. There is a disconnect that has happened on a mass scale in humans. If you’d get to the core (soul) of it, these things would change.

Check your own heart, check your own soul, check your own “flaws”… access more attributes worth contributing to a better US, instead of the vicious accusations, judgmental attitudes and primitive, yes primitive, points of view.


4 Responses to “The passing of Derrion Albert”

  1. Well said, Rhona. I have come to understand in human nature, that when emotions start to snowball, this snowball effect picks up innocent bystanders as it gains momentum. It’s at that point that generally decent human beings find themselves in situations they would never dream of being in if they were in their right mind. What happened was tragic and the only thing that can heal this unfortunate tragedy is unconditonal love and forgiveness. It will not reverse what has happened, but it is a step in the right direction. Also, those who were involved certainly must answer to a higher authority for their actions. The lesson here is to always be mindful of ourselves and our actions and to pray for strength and protection from that which draws us away from our higher goals. I truly believe what Dr. Wayne Dyer says, that we need to treat ourselves and others with kindness when we eat, exercise, play, work, love, and everything else. When we think, feel, and act kindly, we hasten our ability to connect to the power of intention.

  2. This was very well said. This issue was more than just this single incident. There is a disconnect, not enough people care and not enough are working to make change. Working in the education system, I feel for children growing up in this world. FOr most of my students I am only eight or nine years older than them but just that time span there is such a difference in how I viewed life at their age. It is going to take more individuals going out into this world and giving back to communities that need their positive energy as a means of hope. Change starts with one, every “little” thing counts.

    • lightcandy Says:

      Very true… One person at a time (starting with ourselves). Our example speaks volume… I’m willing to help as I go along. All the best to you… Thanks for your passion to do better and choosing such a beautiful job of service (teacher) to exemplify it. You’re much appreciated. Thanks for dropping in lady…

      Rho (Miss R&B)

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