Listening event for my fans, friends and family. Spread the word!!!

THIS WEEKEND Oct.3-4th!!! Starting eearrrrrrrrrly morning! Love y’all… PEACE!

Sept 30,  2009


8 Responses to “Listening event for my fans, friends and family. Spread the word!!!”

  1. I LOVE EVERYTHING!! Can’t wait to cop this. Please let us know as soon as it is available for purchase——hopefully by Christmas!!

  2. Oh this is awesome! I have a hunch that your song, “Letting You Go” is going to top the charts! I am so looking forward to this album’s release! May God continue to bless you Rhona!

  3. This CD is HOT!!! Usually Cds have one great song, but not this one…..I love all of them and the flow of the music fits! Keep using your gifts! Can’t wait to purchase!

  4. Loving your voice, your lyrics, your soul…

    I am super Whitney fan and only you can make me feel like her when you sing… you are really underrated. I would like to see you in the very top of the world!

    God bless you Rho!!

    • lightcandy Says:

      Wow… I read both of your messages. I think I got chills and a warm fuzzy feeling both at the same time! Thank you for such wonderful feedback and genuine support. I’m grateful… “The Anticipation” continues to grow even for myself! I look forward to sharing the project with you… Take care


      • :O

        It’s magic!
        Imagine: I am in my bed, very very far (Spain) from you, listening to you (“the best of me”) and i receive a mail with your answer to my comment… I can’t belive it…

        Thank you very much, you have given me such an amazing surprise!!

        I think that I will have sweet dreams tonight… 🙂

        I suposse that it is very difficult for you to understand how your music and the feelings and emotions you share with us help us being happiers… i am so grateful!

        thank you again!!
        Sweet dreams Rho (even if there is not midnight!)

        PD: sorry for my english… 🙂

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