Listening event this weekend for “The Anticipation Of R&B”!

Thanks to everyone who dropped in and showed their support. “One foot in front of the other”…

Take care,



18 Responses to “Listening event this weekend for “The Anticipation Of R&B”!”

  1. WOW, Rhona I am in Heaven right now. You are SOOOOO amazing. I am in AWE.. Your lyrics, your voice,,, the anticipation of you….

  2. I’m here… going through every track, bit by bit.

  3. Anthony Donovan Says:

    Okay, I just listened to everything and I LOVE it.

    I’m a big believer that art is a success upon completion. I know it’s no easy feat and I just wanted to first say congrats on that alone. For real.

    While I really did love the whole thing, the stand out tracks to me were: “You Don’t Have to Worry Bout a Thing”. I believe every great album should have a great opener and it’s joyous. Hooked me in right from the start.

    I also really liked “First Lady”. Brandy’s voice has really matured and you guys sound great together. “Letting You Go” just soars. It’s a great performance. I also LOVED “Getcha Good” that track is hot and radio-ready!

    Finally, I was very moved by “Exploring New Arenas”. Interludes usually don’t do it for me, but it really spoke to me and my experiences at this point in my life. I related to it totally and am glad you included it. It was a nice surprise.

    Enough rambling, get this record out and take over the industry! LOL. ;]

    -All the best,

    • lightcandy Says:

      I don’t know how I didn’t comment on this. Thank you much Anthony~! I’m so glad you enjoyed the project. Your feedback is helping me get perspective on the record. Thanks for the detail and genuine support;)


  4. James Astles Says:

    Oh Ms Rho!
    FINALLY we are gettin closer to The Unleashing! LOVE Getcha Good and Church!; Letting You Go still has to be frontrunner for single 1 and No Mistake is much warmer than the original demo and bringing in the girls is a fab idea – NEED to hear the full song! I think I may need that as single 2! (backed by the dance mixes of course! 😉 )
    Pat yourself on the back with BOTH hands, girl! x

  5. i love it.. i fired someone to “LETTING YOU GO” remember me telling you. I am tempted to do it again…lettiing you go is a “fire their ass anthem”.. Love it.. check out the second issue of inkognito

  6. So I am utterly proud of you. I peeped the talent on Mickey Mouse Club (yeah way back when) and I am super happy at your latest effort. Good stuff lady! Way to bring R&B back! And tell ya girl Brandy to hurry up with her stuff. We miss her ’round these parts!
    Great job, Rhona! *clap, clap, clap*

  7. Very strong, solid album!! I think the versatility of your voice is amazing and this album is a great reflection of that. I can’t decide on a #1 song. There are about 4 #1 songs for me. I wish you much well deserved success!
    With Love

  8. Rhona Very strong songs and very good singing :)))

  9. Honestly Rhona, I been thinking bout this album since I previewed here and I will say that your album touches everything. This is the type of record that every artist should make. I was so impressed to see every song written or co by you. The emotion that your voice alone puts into a record is so surreal but to hear the lyrics of your heart poured into a song, it’s so remarkable. For some reason “Getcha Good” was in my head all day today. I remember the melody. I love “Letting You Go” the piano and you compliment each other. “First Lady” “No Mistakes” and “You Don’t Have To Worry” were instant favorites. You touched so many genres and you make our job to get u out there easier. This record is SO ready..

    • lightcandy Says:

      What awesome feedback Evin! Thank you for your undying support. I’m glad you like the project. Tone N Rhone productions is on the move to get this to the masses as soon as we can. Thanks again for everything…


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