A review for my album “The Anticipation Of R&B” by music media CEO Dale Godboldo

OK, listened to snippets. Favorite songs are:

Anticipation of Me (Gorgeous)
No Mistake (gave me chills)
Letting You Go (Still LOVE this)
I want More (This shit is sexy, smooth, and a perfect performance)
Cruisin (reminds me of D’angelo)
..and Let The Children Rejoice, Church (fun to listen to!)

Here’s how I see your record.

VERY classic R&B, reminiscent of our idols of the 80’s and 90’s (Pati, Regina, Jodi, Chante, Brandi, Monica, Joe), however you bring a spirituality that I have NEVER heard in a classic R&B record of those times.  It marries the record to what the Neo-Soul artists were doing in the 90’s, and some still today (Badu, Musiq, D’Angelo, Guapale).

Combining those elements with your more exotic arrangements, in some cases rhythmically (i.e. “All Fall Down”), and in other cases melodically (i.e. the Prince-like “…Church” and the acoustic “Anticipation of Me”), you have created a brand new genre of R&B called…“Neo-R&B”!!!

I name it that, because it lacks the Digi-Pop/Hip Hop of the 2000’s (Ciara, Chris Brown, MissE, Usher, etc.), and marries 80’s/90’s classic R&B and Neo-soul….with the FUTURE, by-passing the 2000’s altogether (However, there is a touch of Alicia, Rihanna, Ne-yo, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Justin, etc., but I consider them today’s Pop/Hip-Hop R&B, which rarely pulls from the same stuff you pull from.  They focus more on modern Pop, Hip-Hop and Club…pulling usually from the 80’s, with the exception of Alicia, who pulls from the 70’s).   You, however, said fuck modern, and created a “80’s/90’s Retro-Futuristic” sound.  That sets you way apart. Crazy!

In my opinion, it will speak mostly to the female 30 year old crowd.  The age that has seen the first REAL pain of life, looking for a deeper meaning in a modern, mainstream lifestyle.  Your record is VERY accessible (unlike Guapale for example, who in fact I do love), but on a higher (or deeper) plane than modern R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop.

That said, I believe the ballads will bring it to the 29 and under crowd, and the 39 and over crowd, mostly because a beautiful ballad is timeless.

Dale Godboldo

Urban Street Lit Media


2 Responses to “A review for my album “The Anticipation Of R&B” by music media CEO Dale Godboldo”

  1. wow, this brings back memories. Thank you for compiling all this. Sometimes I wish I could go back and do it all over again.
    I’m bookmarking this page.

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