It’s ME!!!

Hey there… Welcome to my blog… I’ve featured plenty artists throughout and splashes of ME in between;) You might wanna get something to drink and some comfort food, then get your scroll on… Sit back, relax and enjoy a trip down musical memory lane… Don’t forget to continue down the page. There are tributes to crooners and divas as well! Thanks for visiting:)

the creative intellect


8 Responses to “It’s ME!!!”

  1. again Paying tribute to the others!! Love it!!

    For me one of the great collaborations is Bebe, Cece and Whitney “hold up the lights”…

    Brandy & Monica: great combo!

    Toni Braxton and Babyface: amazing!!

    But i think Rhona&Brandy will make History too! Smile.
    I would love:
    Rhona& Whitney
    Rhona & Toni
    Rhona & Chanté
    Rhona & Faith
    … You have so much work!! :]

    • lightcandy Says:

      LOL!!! According to that schedule, you’re right, I do have so much work! I’ll be adding a couple more collaborations based on your suggestion. Thanks for that!


  2. You look stunning!

  3. Hello again Ms R&B ( good might for me),

    today I was listenig “stop” from soulflower… I love the lyrics and your vocals very very much… You sing in a special way.. Like luther.. Knowing how to touch the others with your incredible gift.. And I was wondering how it would be you singing “a house is not a home” or “so amazing”…

    The human mind is so powerful because I can imagine those covers in my head and you sound terrific!!

  4. Hey There, Gr8 pic. You forgot Celiene Dion and R.Kelly – You’re My Angel.
    Alicia keys and Usher – My Boo
    All Star tribute – Whats going on.
    Luther Vandros ft Beyonce – The Closer i get to you.
    Forgive me but am more of a 90s n 2000s music person.

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