It’s ME!!! Welcome;)

Welcome to my blog:) I’ve compiled some of the best “B sides” of all time! I was quite surprised to see what songs made the list. In addition, I’ve included my song from my latest, yet to be released album “The Anticipation Of R&B”. It’s called “B Side”!!! It’s like a tribute to all the hottest songs that weren’t intended to be the single 😉 Sit back, relax and enjoy your voyage!

Make sure you scroll down for more tributes to duets, crooners and divas! I hope you’ve got time. You’re gonna be here for a minute! It’ll be fun though. Music makes the world go round…


d'andre photo shoot


5 Responses to “It’s ME!!! Welcome;)”

  1. Thank you for highlight the “B sides”, in every album there is a b- side better than the singles..and they deserve your tribute!

    Love your B-side so much!! You voice is R&B, is like its nature, it flows.. I think that even acapella you sound R&B.. Even when your voices are very different, that r&b-nsture reminds me to Ms Toni Braxton..

    Thank you for sharing your gift,



  2. muito bom = very good

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