A tribute to some of the best groups of all time!!! U ready???

It’s ME!!!

Miss R&B new

Welcome, welcome,welcome… 😉 I hope you’re ready to reminisce, sing-a-long, maybe even slap your knee from the exciting trip we’re about to take together. I’ve compiled some of the best groups and their songs in our musical lifetime!

Always visit again, as I’m am updating this blog regularly with some of your favorite artists, and forthcoming music from myself with “The Anticipation Of R&B” ! I appreciate your support. Enjoy the ride baby!

Rho (Miss R&B)

The Jackson 5

jackson-5 1jackson 5 2

Jackson 5 in their famous performance for Motown 25!

The Jackson 5 announcing at the 1973 Grammy’s…

The Supremes

supremes 1supremes 2

The Supremes performing “Stop! In the name of love”

The Supremes singing “Reflections”…

The Tempations

temps 2temps 1

The Temptations singing “Papa was a rollin’ stone” live

The Temptations gettin’ down with “I wish it would rain”

The Four Tops

four tops 1four tops 2

The Four Tops from the early days in raw footage singing “I Can’t Help Myself”(sugar pie honey bunch)…

The Four Tops live performance of their 70’s hit “Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got”

Earth, Wind and Fire

earth wind and fire 2earth wind and fire 3

Earth, Wind and Fire video ” Let’s Groove”

Earth, Wind and Fire with “Reasons” performed by Phillip Bailey

The Emotions

emotions 2emotions 1

The Emotions singing one of their hits “Best of My Love”

The Emotions singing “Don’t Ask My Neighbor”

The O’Jays

the o'jays 1the o'

The O’Jays performing an oldie AND goodie! “For The Love Of Money” (what a jam session!)

Tower Of Power

tower of power 1

Tower Of Power “So Very Hard To Go”


Commodores 1commodores 2

Commodores “Sail On”

Commodores “Zoom”

Go Go’s

go go's

Go Go’s “We Got The Beat” (live)

The Beatles

beatles 2beatles 1

The Beatles “Come Together”

The Beatles “Let It Be”

The Eagles

the eagles 1

The Eagles “Hotel California”


chicago 2

Chicago ” Hard to Say I’m Sorry”

Bee Gee’s

bee gees 1bee gees 2

Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive”

Bee Gees “Night Fever”


shalamar 1shalamar 2

Shalamar “The Lover In You”

Shalamar “Night To Remember”

The Isley Brothers

isley brothers 1isley brothers 2

The Isley Brothers… “For The Love Of You”

The Isley Brothers … “Between The Sheets” (how many babies were conceived to this song?)

Cool In The Gang

cool in the gang 3cool in the gang 2

Cool In The Gang “Ladies Night”

Cool In The Gang “Celebration”

SOS Band

sos band 1sos band 2

SOS Band gettin’ funky with “Take Your Time (Do It Right)”

SOS Band with their hit “Just Be Good To Me”…

Parliament Funkadelic

Parliament Funkadelic 1parliament funkadelic 2

Parliament Funkadelic … how about funkin’ our way to “One Nation Under A Groove”

Parliament Funkadelic … who didn’t funk to the dog catcher’s funk “Atomic Dog” ?

The Gap Band

gap band 1gap band 2

The Gap Band ” Party Train”!

The Gap Band and their classic hit ” Yearning For Your Love”



Cameo “I Just Want To Be” (funkalicious baby)


debarge 2debarge 1

DeBarge with a classic favorite in “All This Love”

DeBarge performing their huge hit “Rhythm Of The Night”

The Jets

jets 1jets 2

The Jets “Crush On You”

The Jets “You Got It All”

New Kids On The Block

new kids 2

New Kids On The Block “Please Don’t Go Girl” (pioneer pop boy band )

The Backstreet Boys

backstreet boys

The Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way”



N’sync “Gone”


guy 1guy 2

Guy “Let’s Chill” (another baby makin’ classic)

Guy “Fantasy” (back when people weren’t afraid to really dance at parties)

Boys To Men

boys to men 1boys to men 2

Boys To Men “Motown Philly”

Boys To Men “Water Runs Dry”


swv 1swv 2

SWV … “Weak”

SWV with one of our favorite remix remakes “Right Here”

New Edition

new edition 1new edition 2

New Edition “Mr. Telephone Man” in their younger years

New Edition “If It Isn’t Love” Live… ( doin’ their thing!)

Mint Condition

mint condition

Mint Condition “Pretty Brown Eyes”


tlc 1tlc 2

TLC “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”

TLC “Waterfalls”


Jodeci 1jodeci 2

Jodeci “Forever My Lady” (the song that started it all)

Jodeci “Stay” (whoo!)

Destiny’s Child

dc_destinys_child_lowdestiny's child 2

Destiny’s Child “Cater To You”

Destiny’s Child “Soldier”(Show performance-hot!)

Manhattan Transfer

manhattan transfer 1manhattan transfer 2

Manhattan Transfer “Java Jive” ( blended live performances)

Manhattan Transfer”How High The Moon” (with the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald singing live for the Grammy’s )

Take 6

take 6take 6 b

Take 6 “Wade In The Water”

Take 6 “I L-O-V-E U”

The Winans

the winans

The Winans “Question Is”

The Clark Sisters

the clark sisters

The Clark Sisters “You Brought The Sunshine”


run dmcrun dmc 2

Run DMC “You Talk Too Much” (hip hop heroes)

Run DMC “It’s Like That”


nwa 2

NWA “Straight Outta Compton” (pioneers of gangsta rap)

I thought I’d complete the journey with my former group, the legendary…

En Vogue

en vogue 2En Vogue glamour foursomeen vogue 1

En Vogue “Hold On” (those black dresses… )

En Vogue “Don’t Go” (Terry singing her face off and the ladies impeccably backing her up)


20 Responses to “A tribute to some of the best groups of all time!!! U ready???”

  1. Omg Rho!!
    What a collection!!
    In my opinion;
    – Coko from SWV is incredible.
    – TLC mesmerizing.
    – BOY2MEN are untouchable
    – Destiny’s child were (and will be) one of the best in History.
    – jackson5.. No words can describe…

    But the very best… En vogue!!! And when you were one of them, they were even better!

    Peace&love for you Rho

    • Jordi, you’re the best. Thanks for supporting the way you do… I’m glad you’re havin’ some fun here:)



        I’ll be your angel
        I’ll be here always
        You’ll never have to look anywhere
        Cuz I’ll always be there
        To hold you
        To love you
        I’ll be the wings around you
        So look to the sky

  2. Ok, seriously, Rhona….I LOVE your blog. There are so many gems that people don’t know or get to hear often. When you put The Emotions “Don’t Ask My Neighbors” I was done….Gasp! I love you and I adore your taste in music. All that would have made my life is if you woulda put “Don’t Go” by En Vogue. Continue the greatness…

    • Hey! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. That was a good call for En Vogue. I used to love that too… Might make a change if I can find a nice version… Thanks for dropping in. More incredible music and “slept on” musicians coming your way;) I sending love right back at you…xo


    • I think I found a treat for you;)


      • And my life is complete! I was just waiting for you guys to sing this at the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot last year. Yup, I was there singing every single word you guys uttered! Thanks a bunch, beautiful! *As I watch and sing “Don’t Go”*

  3. Girl you kick a** naming these groups…I was in here playing some groups for my older sister, she was n here tripping off of shalamar.. and you know what, i grew up to every single one of them, down frm my grandma and my mamma playing them

  4. Hello Rho!

    how is your day!? I’m always looking for some news from Miss R&B before i go to sleep 🙂

    I would like to know which are the covers you like most!?

    I Love:
    Luther singing “a house is not a home” (Dionne)

    Chanté moore singing “so amazing” (Luther, Dionne)

    Whitney singing “i’m telling you..” (Jennifer)

    Toni braxton singing

    what about you!?

    love from Spain Rho!

    • Hmmm… this is inspiring a tribute to some of the best covers… I guess you’ll know soon what my thoughts are! Thanks;)


  5. Great collection, Rho!! I’m happy that you included En Vogue in your tribute. Wasn’t sure how things ended with you and them—–glad everything’s copacetic in that area. Again, great choices—–maybe the Jones Girls can make your list one day.

    • Ha! Totally had them in mind! I eliminated some because I let other groups represent an era… Maybe I’ll add them on the strength. I also wanted to add The Manhattans ( I love Gerald Austin’s voice)…


  6. dis go hard

  7. mahayla mooka Says:

    i lyk old skewl music:)all my family are big old skewl ppl>>>>>>>>>>>they love whitney tlc temptations new edition lionel ricie and lots more haha we yea im owt:):):):):):):):D

  8. Timothy Strachan Says:

    Just feel good to hear some good music thanks!!

  9. It took me a while to get down the list because I kept walking down memory lane and pulling my 16 year old son in to hear the songs woven into my tapstry before he was born and I want to thank you. Thank you for your generosity and history.

    Love and light!

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