25 Women Of Power …what it means to be a “First Lady”

Miss R&B featuring Brandy…


7 Responses to “25 Women Of Power …what it means to be a “First Lady””

  1. I wanna work with you on a track Miss RnB…where is the best place to get in touch?

  2. Really love Rho brandy


  3. Want to Blog roll each other?

  4. Heyyy I am so glad I stopped by. I remember you from wayyy back years ago on the different t.v. shows that you’ve graced and The jamie foxx show. I’ve enjoyed ur voice and Brandy aka Brocka aka Bran’nu is my all time #1 favorite artist, so i’m feeling this. Wishing you many more years of success. Can’t wait til the album drops.

    • Hey lady;) Thanks for dropping in. I’m glad you like the music. It feels like a grass roots movement right now but, I’m looking forward to the uphill climb. I appreciate all the support. If you want to get “First Lady” out there for all to here, feel free to repost! Thanks again…


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