HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s to a safe and brilliant way of bringing the new year in…

What are you doing that’s taking you one step closer to realizing your dreams? Have you forgiven? Have you loved? Have you trusted? Who’s truly living out there; balls to the wall, taking your power back, letting courage obliterate fear? Are you allowing your passion to become apart of your life? The only time that’s ever happening is NOW ladies and gentlemen.

Do some shedding of old, stale and outdated thinking. Open up to the many wonders just beyond the veil of a seeming reality. Give yourself permission to win. WIN BIG… NO LIMITS… Abandon some labels you have on life. Try something new. Shake things up a bit. Love bigger, smile more, stand up for yourself, ask for clarity, trust your gut…. 2010 “GET IT IN”!!!




8 Responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Yes yes yes just wat i needed to read dis nu yrs day. Thanks short n wonderful piece.

  2. Much success to you, Rhona! You’ve inspired me ever since you were on MMC, and we met in 1993 in Cleveland when you were there for your show. You were so nice and down to earth and approachable. I’m so glad to see you’re still the same way. I look forward to reading more of your blog! 🙂

  3. Heyyy Rhona!!…I’ve been seriously thinking of a new year’s resolution…and I came up with simply this..”Be what I’ve been called to be”. In 2010…I want to step up and be a leader…and not a follower ever again. I want to do what’s right even if I get talked about. I want to be able to help others. The only way you can help somebody else out is to have yourself together. I really just want to please God with all I do. Happy New Year to You!!..-Aut #12

  4. Hello Rho! Happy New Year!

    I alredy know this 2010 will be our year! I’m sure that with the vision of life we share, the energy, the passion, and the power in every thing we make, we will succeed in music, love & life. 😀

    That’s why this friendship we started a few months ago, it’s so important for me. Like you told me, it’s hard to find someone who really understands your thoughts and share this philosophy, but it seems that we have known each other since eternity. That’s why it doesn’t really matter the fact we don’t talk (chat) every single day ‘cos I know I’m on your prayers so you are on mines. Expressing and living from beauty is a blessing.

    Thanks for each word we shared in 2009. Take care sweetie!


    • lightcandy Says:

      Hey there,

      Thank you for this wonderful message. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. You have a bright light that blinds, all the way from Spain! I appreciate your support and encouragement. All the best to you for the coming moments. Here’s to obliterating fear with courage and consciousness! xoxo


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