“Sleeping and Awakened Giants”

So, I was thinking…

I want to showcase wonderful talent that is finally catching the attention of the masses; also, talent just under the radar of being recognized for its greatness. I travel the world and experience “awesomeness” everywhere I go. I’d like to start sharing that “awesomeness” right here at the blog…

This could be the platform that supports the “Awakened Giants” already in the spotlight; and shoots the “Sleeping Giants” amongst the stars where they belong. Enjoy!


SLEEPING GIANTS (people I’ve seen perform)

Jacob Lutrell

Mega talented… Plays the piano, guitar, drums, sax and……. the throat! ha ha

Keisha Renee

Vocal beast… control, range and beauty


Chrisette Michele

Just magnificent, she IS.. unique vocal character, captivating stage presence and “standing ovation” performances


Ridiculous with the scatting, song interpretation and just flat out sangin’


I’m diggin’ Brandy’s self re-invention… Super talented with the MC skills… vocal cadence is on point, vocals are always “beasty” and she delivers the sound that’s hers alone! Get’em B!!! (Album coming soon)


4 Responses to ““Sleeping and Awakened Giants””

  1. GO KEISHA!!!

  2. Anthony Donovan Says:

    Nice! I’ve been digging Chrisette Michele & Ledisi for a while now. Chrisette’s track “In this for you” is what 1st got my attention & I heard Ledisi when she played some dates with Prince in ’08. Girl can SANG!

  3. Tiffany Brown Says:

    Keisha Renee!! Goooddd where did she come from? Now that girl be sangin!!!

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