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New Single “Don’t Call Me” COMING SOON!!!

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Thanks for your undying support… Miss R&B is finally releasing a single for ‘The Anticipation Of R&B’! xo



“Favored Friday”…

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Like the drop of water that, eventually, wears down the rock; I am questing and patiently taking each ‘next’ step. A “Favored Friday” is on the horizon… #maximizeyourliving GET IT IN

Whoo whoo!!!

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My team received the ‘1st Place’ trophy, and I received the ‘High Women’s Series’ trophy! That can of whoop a$$ worked in my favor!… LOL

My first video post!!! Yay!

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Thank you!

Miss R&B


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Every Friday, I’m honoring one of my die-hard supporters! Introducing…

Thank you Artimius Hollins!!! Your snappy humor, go-getter spirit, ‘tell it like it is’ personality and die-hard support and promotion of Miss R&B is much appreciated 😉 EVERYONE, feel free to support Artimius’s business ventures ( http://www.artimiuseventplanningfirm ) and send him a message of encouragement. Much love, Rho

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