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Thank you for visiting the blog…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 26, 2010 by lightcandy

I’ve been so busy building my other sites that I haven’t been back to create more tributes to the greats. I’ll be changing the look here soon and dedicating more time to my beloved WordPress blog 😉 I hope all of you are well and I look forward to expanding our relationship on the web. Be sure to visit and



I’ve been missing in action!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 7, 2010 by lightcandy

Hey everybody,

Thank you for your patience… It’s been a minute huh? I’ve been expanding! Team R&B has been in full effect, helping me to request the launch of my two singles “Range” and Letting You Go” to radio stations and dj’s worldwide. They have also been spreading the word about the project, and truly supporting the grass roots movement. I am so proud to have such die-hard supporters. I’ve also launched a new blog called “ASK RHO” at be sure to visit. It’s my other passion. It’s where my attention and heart are…

I will be updating this page on occasion with new music tributes to the greats. You’ll be getting a more well rounded feel for Miss R&B. Look out for the new productions I’ll be apart of, the details about the release of “The Anticipation Of R&B”, and the constant updates at “ASK RHO”. I love you guys and I appreciate your continued support… Also, FRIEND ME UP! on my other pages… you can find all of the links at my new blog.