Miss R&B

Thank you for visiting. For those of you getting to know me, I’ve been in the business since I was a kid. My first major break came in the role of Ernestine “Braids” Johnson on the ABC television series “The Women of Brewster Place” with Oprah Winfrey. From there I landed a series regular role on Disney’s “The New Mickey Mouse Club” with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Keri Russell, Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling to name a few of the alumni. I then moved to “Hollywood” where I appeared in several television shows and eventually landed one of my more noted accomplishments, “The Jamie Foxx Show”. My character’s name was Nicole Evans and I sang jingles with Jamie. It was a great experience… I’ve recorded 3 full albums in my career so far; MMC for Walt Disney records, RHONA for Darkchild/Sony and Soulflower with the R&B singing group En Vogue. I recently completed my second play around the country called Love Overboard with the talent of Carl Payne, Khalil Kain, Avant, Miguel Nunez, Karen Molina White and exceptional others. In my first play around the country, I played first lady with Allen Payne and Richard Roundtree in an adaptation of the novel “Men Cry In The Dark” from the very popular Michael Baisden. I’ve had a wonderful ride with setbacks and triumphs. I am now in a fresh chapter of my life, and I look forward to sharing it with you;)

My sophomore solo project, “The Anticipation of R&B” is soon to be finished. Visit me often as I will keep you informed of my progress… Take care and see you at the top!

Much love,

Rhona Bennett


19 Responses to “Miss R&B”

  1. Always an inspiration to be in your presence. Whether in person or on the web, your positive vibes continue to ripple through the environment and change it for the better.

    I appreciate your friendship and look forward to being at your service.

    Amazing – one of the many words to describe what you bring to the table.

    Thank you for shining your light in my world.

    • lightcandy Says:

      I appreciate you Ernest…. Thank you for every ounce of support and shining your light in my direction too. All the best to you. Of course, keep in touch;)


  2. can’t wait to have β€œThe Anticipation of R&B”
    love yor voice! yo are a real talent

  3. Big Up, Queen – about time you drop some new beats – I still got ya back in Copenhagen, Denmark. I just found an ol’ interview with did at Denmarks Radio waaaaaayyyy back – really want you to hear it – maaaaaddd fun – get at me at facebook (Morten Shower Lytzen). Time to but Rhona on the airways – once again….take care, Queen !

    • lightcandy Says:

      Thank you for dropping in and showing your support. Be sure to listen to the material being revealed and tell me what you think. Glad we’ve reconnected. Hope all is well with you… Take care;)


  4. I can’t wait to hear your new music Rhona. I love Satisfied and the whole SoulFlower album! Glad to hear your still doin your thing! x

  5. When is your new CD coming out? You sound excellent!!!!!!! I am excited.

  6. You are a real talent girl, I’ve enjoyed your voice for several years, keep up the good work and I will always definitely support..

  7. alayna perry and robert perry Says:

    just talk to you, this is my daddy cousin and my aunty.

  8. hey Rhona, Id like to submit music for your project. Do you have a mp3 email?


  9. Your Amazing, and you have a very very sweet spirit, I cant wait to be hearing more from you!

    Love Ya!

  10. Hey Rhona! I been a fan of your since I was a kid. Watching you on Disney and then years later seeing you on The Jamie Foxx Show was so awesome! And don’t even get me started on Men Cry In The Dark you were phenomenal. Are you close to Pomona, California if so it would be such an honor if you sung at my church next month on the 23rd. If you can respond so I can give you more info. Love ya! ~Eric~

    • lightcandy Says:

      Hi Eric…. Thank you for your support over the years;) I appreciate the invitation to your church… I might be close to an hour away from Pomona. Maybe sometime in the future I will be able to visit. Thanks for stopping by the blog.


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