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A tribute to some of the best live albums in history…

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Of course, we could be here all day talking about the best live performances on an album… So, I’m just gonna give you a well rounded taste of some classics. Music is amazing like that! There are so many wonderful artists with diverse talent to offer. Get to know somebody new… and get reacquainted with the ones you already love, right here….

To get things started, I thought I might share a lil’ footage of myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy!

Rhona new D 2

Miss R&B

‘Erykah Badu “Erykah Badu Live”

erykah badu 1erykah badu 2

Great covers, effortless on stage, absolutely classic

Aretha Franklin “Amazing Grace”

aretha franklin 1aretha franklin 2

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find video footage of a song from her Amazing Grace liveย  album in 1972 with Rev. James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir. It’s been toted to be one of her best recordings live. I decided to share other footage instead. Enjoy;)

Keith Jarrett “Live in Koln”

Keith Jarrett 1Keith Jarrett 2

The Koln concert… completely improvised, another dimension…WOW!

Sam Cooke “Live @ The Harlem Square Club”

Sam Cooke 1Sam Cooke 2

Stirring vocals, with breathtaking drama and unparalleled soul

The Roots “The Roots Come Alive”

The Roots 1

The Roots and Common

Full of energy, classic hip hop nostalgia and dope collaborations

Nirvana “Nirvana Unplugged”

Nirvana 1Nirvana 2

Signature grunge that comes together for an effortless set in New York…

Jay Z “Jay Z Unplugged”

Jay Z 1Jay Z 3

Hip Hop’s Renaissance man…backed by The Roots

James Brown “Live @ The Apollo”

James Brown 1James Brown 2

Thrilling, let’s go adrenaline, passionate and soulful delivery…just dynamite

Jimi Hendrix “Band Of Gypsy’s Live @ The Filmore”

Jimi Hendrix 2Jimi Hendrix 1

A sign of the times…war and self expression… famous for the 12 minute rendition of Machine Gun… Here’s a taste

KISS “KISS Alive 1975”


Electrifying, fist pumping, neck jarring rock!

Curtis Mayfield “Curtis/Live”

Curtis Mayfield 1Curtis Mayfield 2

His second album came with his solo debut! Very bold and well worth the risk. Brilliance…

Bill Withers “Live @ Carnegie Hall”

bill withers 1Bill Withers 2

Reveals his layered personality which sets up the emotional content of his songs… stellar renditions

George Benson 1George Benson 2

Simply divine with a guitar, trendsettingย  and smooth as smooth gets


Woodstock 1Woodstock 2

A day to remember in music history… hippies, psychedelics and everything between… an incredible jam session

Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane “Live @ Carnegie Hall”

Thelonious Monk quartetJohn Coltrane

Two jazz giants… Lost recordings for over 40yrs… skill, expression… enjoy!

The Commodores “Live”

The Commodores !The Commodores !!

One of the greatest soul R&B band albums live… classic after classic

Earth, Wind and Fire “Gratitude”

earth wind and fire 1earth wind and fire 2

The infamous Earth, Wind and Fire super band with Phillip Bailey delivering one of our favorites leads…

Bob Dylan “Bootleg series Volume 4”

bob dylan 1bob dylan 2

Can’t ignore his huge impact on music… strange, extraordinary poetic power tucked into musical genius

Johnny Cash “At Folsom Prison”

Johnny Cash 1Johnny Cash 2

Raw passion, unadulterated humanity… a very influential musician of the 20th century

Bruce Springsteen “Live 1975-1985”

Inspirational with an X factor that makes him a people’s champion

bruce springsteen 1bruce springsteen 2

Donny Hathaway “Live”

Couldn’t pick just one video… capturing his essence is well worth it

Marvin Gaye “Live”

Marvin Gaye 1Marvin Gaye 2

Golden pipes, dripping soul with non-stop sex appeal … Mr. Marvin Gaye