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A few of the most brilliant pianists the world has ever known!!!

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It’s ME!!!

Rhona and Amber bongo love

Music is so fascinating and full of what life is about. It tells our stories in the most creative, innovative and diverse ways. I’ve found genius in these featured artists. Prepare to be dazzled, sucked in and amazed… Let the incredibleness begin!

Rho ( Miss R&B )

Oscar Peterson 1oscar peterson 2

Oscar Peterson… astoundingly amazing, genius at his craft, compared to the greats of all time, yet is a great in his own right…

bill evans 1Bill_Evans 2

Bill Evans… wonderfully talented, beautiful touch to the piano and totally in the music

art tatum 1art tatum 2

Art Tatum… a pioneer and inspiration to a lot of the greats, insanely good, with a flare all his own

ahmad jamal 1ahmad jamal 2

Ahmad Jamal… so fabulous with his finesse, great ear and wonderful musician

Thelonious Monk 2thelonious monk 3

Thelonious Monk… unique playing style, madly talented and eccentric

Umi Garrett

Umi Garrett… a phenom, beautiful spirit, and exceptional ability

chick corea 1

Chick Corea… modern yet classic, skilled execution and inspiring player