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“First Lady Of Darkchild” Rhona Bennett, Has Begun “The Anticipation” For New Album

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Los Angeles, California – July 06, 2010 – Miss R&B Rhona Bennett–The “First Lady of Darkchild” and longstanding member of the super group En Vogue–is kicking off the release of her forthcoming sophomore album, “The Anticipation Of R&B,” today by issuing two singles to radio stations and DJ’s worldwide.

The soul and hip-hop tinged “Range,” which was written by Rhona, oozes of strength and savvy with a hook that is primed to become a new pop culture catchphrase. It’s a collaboration with Grammy-winning production team J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, who have garnered success with Mary J. Blige, Rick Ross, Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Young Jeezy and a score of other top recording artists. “Letting You Go” (a co-write with Nick Turpin) is a powerful pop/soul ballad detailing the emotion of a woman conflicted and her yearning to ‘let go’ of the past and her pain.

The album as a whole features a varied selection of cuts from ballads to up-tempo dance tracks that both radio and clubs will embrace. With feature performances by Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron-Braggs of En Vogue and Grammy Award-winning diva Brandy, “The Anticipation of R&B,” is sure to appeal to a diverse group of music fans that want to both “feel” the music and hear the truth of insightful lyrics.

Rhona Bennett is a talent whose career has graced the studio, the stage and the screen from her debut solo effort on Rodney Jerkins’ Darkchild/Sony imprint, to her role as “Nicole” from on the Jamie Foxx Show, to her beginnings as a Mouseketeer with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Now, with this musical endeavor, she is creating a new role…that of Miss R&B, a diva injecting the old school elements of great melodies and choruses into a beat-fueled production and stylized persona that is all about today. It’s a formula that leaves no doubt that Rhona’s return to recording truly is “The Anticipation of R&B.”

Contact: Seth Keller, SKM Artist Management (310) 617-0700

“Letting You Go” is available for purchase on-line NOW!

Download your free copy of “Range” NOW! (click the link)



New Single “Don’t Call Me” COMING SOON!!!

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Thanks for your undying support… Miss R&B is finally releasing a single for ‘The Anticipation Of R&B’! xo


My first video post!!! Yay!

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Thank you!

Miss R&B

What’s on my mind???

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Priorities, Artistic Expression and Prosperity… GET IT IN 2010

Love you guys,


Interview with my friend/host D’Leo of Superior TV

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*NEW* Rhona’s Sports picks of the week!!!

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Welcome to my blog!!! I’m a sports head too… Come visit me every week for clutch, chokes and jokes surrounding the sports world. Enjoy!

Miss R&B

Rhona’s picks for “Clutch” plays of the week:


I’m not a Laker’s fan but, if you bring this many people joy, and hold the best record in the NBA, I’ll give props when props are due. Check this out…

They pulled it out in the last seconds. Meachem became a star on Sunday by making two of the Saints clutch plays. He caught a 53yrd touchdown from Brees, and later in the game, stripped the ball on an interception from Redskins Kareem Moore to return it for another touchdown. Big up to Garrett Hartley, the back up kicker, for bringing home the win… 33-30 over the Washington Redskins to maintain a perfect season so far…

Rhona’s picks for “Chokes” of the week


Unfortunately, we won’t know if the Saints would have pulled out the win if Shaun made his 23yrd field goal, when the Redskins were up at 30-23. The Saints could have only tied the game with the touchdown and field goal they made. It would have made it a 2 score game to win. Whoops!…

I guess the fan said it best…


If only Dwayne could have made that clutch “free throw” at the end of the game, Kobe’s shot would have sent them into overtime, and kept hope alive for a Heat win. I guess history would have it to add to Kobe’s long list of “greatest moments”…

Just Jokes: Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Join me on Sunday in Los Angeles at The J Spot…

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I’ll be sharing the stage with Jon B., Keith Robinson (Dreamgirls) and comedian Bruce Bruce! Make your reservations NOW!!!