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25 Women Of Power …what it means to be a “First Lady”

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Miss R&B featuring Brandy…


Popular B Side records! Who would’ve thought that they weren’t the single?!

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I’ll start it off… Rhona Bennett ( Miss R&B )

“B Side” song on my forthcoming album “The Anticipation Of R&B”

Continue to scroll down and enjoy the ride!!!

Gloria Gayner … disco icon, forever a classic

“I Will Survive” b side to “Substitute”

gloria gayner 1gloria gayner 2

Queen …  funky, flamboyant , crazy talented and innovative

“We Will Rock U” b side to “We Are The Champions”

Queen 2Queen 1

Dee-lite… our throwback funk group in the nineties, fun, creative and dee-liteful!

“Groove Is In The Heart” b side to “What Is Love”

dee-lite 1dee-lite 2

Elvis Presley … sexy, gutsy, energic and a music icon

“Hound Dog” b side to “Don’t Be Cruel”

elvis presley 1elvis presley 2

Beach Boys… fun, creative and often coined “America’s band”

“Don’t Worry Baby”   b side to “Hello, Goodbye”

beach boys 1beach boys 2

Doobie Brothers … classic American band, with some classic music, a breeding ground for Michael McDonald

“Black Water” b side to

Doobie-Brothers-2doobie-brothers 1

Madonna … the queen of reinventing yourself! seductress, shock value, and classic pop diva

“Get Into The Groove”

madonna 1madonna 2

Prince … dripping sex, creative vocals, innovator of sounds, a true artist to the core

“Erotic City” b side to “Let’s Go Crazy”

Prince 1Prince 2

This song gets an honorable mention… They disabled the link. Sorry:(

KRS-ONE … one of the pioneers of hip hop, prolific lyric master, huge contribution to the “game”

“Hip Hop vs. Rap” b side to “Sound Of Da Police”

krs-one 2krs-one 1

A tribute to a few great duets…

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Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson…”Scream”-an electric,brother/sister duo,oozing of greatness

Brandy and Monica…”The Boy Is Mine”-straight classic. Two of R&B’s young diva’s holding down the nineties

Usher and Alicia Keys … “My Boo”- two young R&B superstars giving it up…

BeBe and CeCe Winans…”Addictive Love”… smooth,silky,beautiful,powerful and passionate vocals from one of gospels best duo’s

Celine Dion and R. Kelly … “I’m Your Angel” -sang and delivered by two of the music industry’s extremely talented

Zhane…”DJ play that song”-cute,soul party gem

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell…”Ain’t nothin’ like the real thang”-true ear candy by Motown’s greatest duo

Hall and Oats…”I can’t go for that”-it was a crap shoot to pick a song from these two. Sooo many greats


Luther Vandross and Beyonce… “The Closer I Get To You” – Beautiful rendition of a classic

Rick James and Teena Marie…”Fire and Desire”-need I say more? One of the funkiest duo’s I know of…

Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney”Ebony and Ivory”-a clever, inspirational song by two legends

Ashford and Simpson…”Solid as Rock”-powerful writing,singing,performance duo

Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole…”Unforgettable”-a dreamy version between father and daughter of an ‘unforgettable’  ballad

Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald… “What a fool believes”-a fabulous live version of a classic song with two of music greats

K-Ci and JoJo… “All My Life”-gorgeous song sang with conviction of the heart

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross…”Endless Love”-timeless ballad with the delivery of two unique,veteran artists

Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey…”When you believe”- beautiful women with beautiful voices

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta…”You’re the one that I want”-fun,spunky, it defined a generation

Listening event this weekend for “The Anticipation Of R&B”!

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Thanks to everyone who dropped in and showed their support. “One foot in front of the other”…

Take care,



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I’m launching a new blog for Miss R&B! In addition…

I will be showcasing snippets of the 15 tracks on my forthcoming album! The party date will be announced next week;) Drop in with family and friends to hear “The Anticipation Of R&B”. For those of you who didn’t attend the “Industry” listening event, I’m making the album available for your ears too…

~To all of my fans, thank you!!! She’s coming…

Anticipation grafitti

art work by “Sphere”

Rho ( Miss R&B )

A tribute to some Dynamite Diva’s…

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Shirley Bassey… What an inspiration… Powerful, captivating and just plain talented

sarah vaughan pastSARAH VAUGHAN later

Sarah Vaughan… Absolutely enchanting with her vocal prowess… one of the greats

gladys-knight younggladys knight now

Gladys Knight… talk about conveying emotion… she is one of my favorite soul stirring diva’s


Whitney Houston… beautiful, graceful and mesmerizing voice

aretha-franklin youngaretha-franklin-now

Aretha Franklin… passionate and legendary soul singer

celine-dion 1Celine-Dion-2

Celine Dion… canary’s in her throat ( I swear!), awesome delivery and commanding presence

Jennifer Hudson 1Jennifer-Hudson-2

Jennifer Hudson… gutsy, gorgeous and explosive vocals

Mariah 2Mariah 1

Mariah Carey…awesome recording artist, queen of airy whistle tones, and a unique sound all her own

Beyonce-Knowles-nowBeyonce Sasha Fierce

Beyonce… hot, hot, hot!…one of the hardest working women in show business


Alicia Keys… spunky, great musician, beautiful spirit

chaka youngchaka_khan_now

Chaka Khan… sounds like a saxophone,incredible range and classic diva swag

patti labelle youngPatti_Labelle_now

Patti Labelle… pioneer of power house vocals, attitude and plenty vocal ridiculousness