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My first video post!!! Yay!

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Thank you!

Miss R&B


Thanks for your support…

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*NEW* Rhona’s Sports picks of the week!!!

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Welcome to my blog!!! I’m a sports head too… Come visit me every week for clutch, chokes and jokes surrounding the sports world. Enjoy!

Miss R&B

Rhona’s picks for “Clutch” plays of the week:


I’m not a Laker’s fan but, if you bring this many people joy, and hold the best record in the NBA, I’ll give props when props are due. Check this out…

They pulled it out in the last seconds. Meachem became a star on Sunday by making two of the Saints clutch plays. He caught a 53yrd touchdown from Brees, and later in the game, stripped the ball on an interception from Redskins Kareem Moore to return it for another touchdown. Big up to Garrett Hartley, the back up kicker, for bringing home the win… 33-30 over the Washington Redskins to maintain a perfect season so far…

Rhona’s picks for “Chokes” of the week


Unfortunately, we won’t know if the Saints would have pulled out the win if Shaun made his 23yrd field goal, when the Redskins were up at 30-23. The Saints could have only tied the game with the touchdown and field goal they made. It would have made it a 2 score game to win. Whoops!…

I guess the fan said it best…


If only Dwayne could have made that clutch “free throw” at the end of the game, Kobe’s shot would have sent them into overtime, and kept hope alive for a Heat win. I guess history would have it to add to Kobe’s long list of “greatest moments”…

Just Jokes: Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Join me on Sunday in Los Angeles at The J Spot…

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I’ll be sharing the stage with Jon B., Keith Robinson (Dreamgirls) and comedian Bruce Bruce! Make your reservations NOW!!!

25 Women Of Power …what it means to be a “First Lady”

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Miss R&B featuring Brandy…

My American Music Awards review

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It’s ME again!!! Feel free to leave your comments;)

The AMA’s were filled some of the music biz’s hottest entertainers… From the iconic nostalgia of Janet Jackson to the innovative hip hop stylings of the Black Eyed Peas, and the pillar of diva strength displayed by Whitney Houston There was some great energy in the performances of Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood Lola’s (Jennifer Lopez) “comeback” actually showed up in her performance, as she had to recover from an impromptu fall in the middle of her stimulating presentation Jay Z brought “The Don” swag with the pinky ring to match in his New York “Empire State Of Mind” song, an electrifying exhibition with the beautiful and talented Alicia Keys.She also unveiled her new single “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” in an engaging performance. Other honorable mentions include Kelly Clarkson (beautiful vocals),

Rihanna’s outfit ,

Mary J Blige (a soulful delivery only she can give)

and Lady Gaga (who seems to always stun and prove that she’s a talent force to be reckoned with)

Taylor Swift racked up winning 5, yes 5 AMA’s! She won more than the late, great Michael Jackson (expected to sweep his categories), whom she also beat for “Artist Of The Year”! Whoa… However, MJ garnered 4 trophies over the course of the evening, and broke the record for artist with the most American Music Awards totaling 23! …


Whitney Houston… courage and enough light to still set our hearts a blaze

Janet Jackson… opened the night with all the moves we know and love

Black Eyed Peas… really enjoyed their medley

Carrie Underwood… Get it Miss Carrie!

Jay Z and Alicia Keys… NICE

Mary J Blige… new single, passionate performance, classic Mary… gotta love it

Jennifer Lopez… she gave it up… nice recovery “Lola” (her new alias), true pro

Lady Gaga… strange, creative and gaga-rific

Hot videos of late…

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Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

Stupid hot video… innovative, weird and gaga-tastic!

Janet Jackson “Make Me”

Sexy… the ‘routine slaying’ Janet we all know and love

Toni Braxton featuring Trey Songz “So Yesterday”

Smooth vocals, pretty song and Toni still looks great!

Jay Z and Alicia Keys

2 music giants, in New York…. makin’ it do what it do


Jennifer Lopez (Lola) featuring Pitbull “Fresh Out The Oven”

J Lo, I mean Jenny from the block, I mean Jennifer Lopez, I mean Lola’s back with a steamy single…

Jay Z…featuring Rihanna and Kanye West

one of the latest anthems for many…

Alicia Keys… “Try Sleepin’ With A Broken Heart”

The latest from Miss Keys… fabulous songwriting and melody…


Drake, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne and Eminem “Forever”

The debate has been who has the best verse… What’s your pick? Enjoy 😉

Kanye West…Mini movie “We Were Once A Fairytale”

Thinking outside the box… Leave your comments

(couldn’t find an embed code that worked) 😦

Whitney Houston ” I Look To You”

An icon exemplifying beauty, strength, and the courage to continue sharing her gift with the rest of the world… Blessings Whitney