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I’m on day 4 of my juice fast…

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Welcome… So I decided to share my fasting experience with you guys. Why not right? It could inspire others to do a much needed physical, mental and spiritual cleansing. We all could use it, to get back or stay in touch with our highest and innermost self, as well as not to get lost in a ‘space age’ that carries us further and further away from our natural tendencies.

The purpose of my fasting is for spiritual reasons. I felt a need to reconnect with my center, and the Source (God) that created all things. Food, and the preservatives and processing of it, along with drinking (alcohol, soda, artificially flavored and sugared  juice) and whatever other non-nutritional indulgences we entertain, can clog the body and cloud the mind. Your spiritual awareness can suffer from not having a clear and clean enough vehicle to receive insight. It can also help reinforce worry, fear, lack and limitation if you’re blocked off from your internal guidance system. I figured I’d get back to nature to move through some of my situations…

First day: I juiced several times a day, received oxygen and ozone treatment, and meditated with my friend who decided to do it with me  😉 I read a lot of supportive materials about fasting, and was deliberating about whether to continue juicing or to go on a water fast (for a couple days), then back into a juice fast. There are several opinions on the matter. I think it really depends on why you’re fasting, and how you look at fasting.

Some would say that because we’ve evolved into a different society with more poisons and less oxygen in our air, more preservatives in our food, more processed and fast food than ever (devoid of nutrition and steeped in synthetic additives), a more fast paced world with less time for slower paced living; that we can still benefit greatly, if not better with juice fasting. Our bodies need the nutrients for our pace of living. Plus your bombarding yourself with nothing but nutrients for an all natural way to get back to your true nature.

A purist; might say that juice fasting isn’t really fasting at all. They believe that real fasting is done by drinking just water, or consuming nothing at all. Water fasts  can be very taxing on the body, and you truly have to have the time to rest in order to allow all of the stored toxins that come out into the blood stream, a chance to be eliminated. Also, depending on the length of your water fast, it would benefit you to become educated on how to break the fast without hurting yourself. If you’ve never done it before, maybe a professional or well experienced faster would be a good companion for your journey. Be sure to listen to your gut (internal guidance) too. Sometimes our egos will push us beyond what’s healthy…

If you’re religious, and/or feel that deprivation is the real sacrifice for God’s favor, or feel that the best treatment for an ailment/dis-ease is to starve it out, or just want to connect to the discipline of self control, also if you have higher body fat content; you might have an affinity to water fasting. The body can feed on the stored energy in the fats. Be that as it may, there are other fast experts out there that hail juice fasting as a more safe, incredibly nutritional and health building way to fast. They also tote a spiritual connection through going the all natural way for consumption. I figure, if I’m taking in all natural and raw foods,  it must be a great way to connect with the Source that created all natural things. However, I feel that both fasts have their benefits…

Second day: I only drank water. I have a high metabolism and a naturally slim frame. So there wasn’t much body fat to pull from for nutrition. I felt drained, and as if I could feel my body pulling at my muscles for the nutrients. I guess I was experimenting with whether I would move forward with a juice fast or water fast for a couple days. I decided to go with a juice fast and made a super potent vegetable cocktail later, w/ premium powdered herbs and cayenne. Whoa! Mistake… that put me out for the count! I learned my lesson in several ways, and I continued only juicing after that. When I have the time to truly rest and devote my mental energy to water fasting, I will go it again. I’d like to feel the difference and truly detox my physical body. However, I’m doing this for spiritual reasons (although I’m receiving physical benefits) and still choosing to function in society at a high level, so I figured that water fasting was not the route for me at this time…

Third day… I continued juicing, did my breathing exercise, read supportive materials for spirit and fasting, did some work in between, and meditated late at night. I had a couple moments of a ‘high’, but not long enough to be extremely significant. I also made one of the most alkaline (non-acidic/ healthy PH balance for the body) drinks I’ve ever made! I juiced radishes, celery, pineapple, ginger, kale, sweet potato, carrot, pear, lemon, garlic and onion. Whew! It actually tasted pretty good 🙂 I do look forward to more sensations and mood alterations in the coming days…

Fourth day… It’s just approaching 11am and I’ve already drank some alkaline lemon water, and I juiced strawberries, blueberries, apple, grapes, pineapple, kale and a lemon. I’ll be preparing another concoction in a second. I’ll keep you posted on my different combination’s as the day progresses. Happy Saturday everybody!!!

Ok…next cocktail: kale, onion, garlic, radish, a little sweet potato, a taste of cucumber and carrot, ginger, orange and apple. I’m finding that it’s good to juice more veges and add fruits for sweetener. Vegetables are the builders… Fruits can give you that sugar high and add for energy. Everyone has a different chemical body make-up, although there are body types that can benefit from a lot of the same things. Experiment, and see what works for you!



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There are no more, and no less hours, minutes and seconds of each day. We all get the same amount, and we don’t get that time back. So, what will you be doing with yours? Another ‘Thriving Thursday’ is on the horizon… GET IT IN

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here’s to a safe and brilliant way of bringing the new year in…

What are you doing that’s taking you one step closer to realizing your dreams? Have you forgiven? Have you loved? Have you trusted? Who’s truly living out there; balls to the wall, taking your power back, letting courage obliterate fear? Are you allowing your passion to become apart of your life? The only time that’s ever happening is NOW ladies and gentlemen.

Do some shedding of old, stale and outdated thinking. Open up to the many wonders just beyond the veil of a seeming reality. Give yourself permission to win. WIN BIG… NO LIMITS… Abandon some labels you have on life. Try something new. Shake things up a bit. Love bigger, smile more, stand up for yourself, ask for clarity, trust your gut…. 2010 “GET IT IN”!!!



The passing of Derrion Albert

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This was my response to a blog that I encountered on the web today. It was prompted by the countless negative/emotional posts that I read…

September 29th, 2009
2:41 pm

To everyone,

I am a black woman. I am a human being. I am, like you, made in the likeness of that which created ALL things. Whether you choose to believe it or not, we are all connected. We’ve all come from the same “stuff”. Do you think that because you have the vocabulary to express yourself in a more savvy or “intellectual” way, that it separates you from that reality?

Allow these tragedy’s to wake you up to MORE consciousness. Meaning, let it help YOU gain more compassion for the fellow man. Let it inspire YOU to become more aware of your actions, thoughts and views, so as to effectively change these neighborhoods, schools, households, and globe into a more accommodating place for ALL, one person at a time (you).

Just because you’ve gathered more book knowledge to express yourself, and developed more of a mask to cover your primal thinking of separation, doesn’t make you better. It makes YOU also a part of the problem. These thoughts of separation and judgment and aloofness breeds more hate, ignorance and unconsciousness.

Until WE start to do our parts personally, how do you anticipate that we’ll truly effect change? How can you blame the next person, parent, school or whatever, and you’re not your best YOU. Right where we are, with our abundance of book smarts or lack there of, why not choose to LOVE? Why not choose to UNDERSTAND? Why not choose to FORGIVE? Everybody wants to be happy; even if they have no clue how to get there. It’s easier to hate, be angry, be “upset”, be falsely superior, right?

For all we know, these kids could be feeling TOTAL remorse for their actions right now. They could be wishing for another chance to do it over. A lot of times, people do things unconsciously. They could be caught in the moment of a mob mentality, they could be lost and inappropriately releasing their anger and depression, they’re also coming from a dysfunctional world.

Trust, I’m all for taking responsibility for your actions. If you don’t, there can be no growth, no change, no self empowerment. But, this is deeper than surface issues. These things go to the SOUL. There is a disconnect that has happened on a mass scale in humans. If you’d get to the core (soul) of it, these things would change.

Check your own heart, check your own soul, check your own “flaws”… access more attributes worth contributing to a better US, instead of the vicious accusations, judgmental attitudes and primitive, yes primitive, points of view.

Words of Encouragement to YOU!

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Don’t give up… one day at a time… one foot in front of the other… you’ll get there. Try being like water, non-resistant. It doesn’t push the rock. It finds ways to flow around, over and under the nooks and crannies until it succeeds. Eventually, the rock wears down (nature teaches us). Keep doing until you demonstrate. Who knows how long that will take? I’m learning that the journey is most important, more and more everyday. Do you feel like a success already? That’s what counts… Do your part. Ask for help. I stay prayed up as much as possible, so that I can watch things conspire on behalf of my Good. I love you guys and thanks for being a wonderful contribution to my journey.

All the best to you,
(Miss R&B)